About looklookseesee

The group of founding members teamed up in 2019 to pursue social causes and founded looklookseesee in 2021 to effect tangible changes in the world. We want to help manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers and consumers to make transactions that align with their corporate, personal and social values.

While the largest global supply chain networks, such as Amazon and Alibaba, focus on driving cost to its minimum, many purchasing decisions now are made based on other factors. Consumers are increasingly concerned about production processes and willing to reward producers who are responsible and   transparent.

We want to match buyers and sellers who share the same vision.

Let’s build a global supply chain network that is transparent and responsible.

Promote Corproate Social Responsibility

What we do

Looklookseesee provides choices.

In addition to traditional factors such as product specifications and costs, we encourage suppliers to promote the overall image that their brands represent. Our platform helps sellers to distinguish themselves by letting users easily search for products based on non-monetary factors. Buyers can now make better informed decisions based on a blend of factors including cost, delivery time, quality, product origin, production method, labour care, environmental protection, social causes, code of ethics and any other legal and responsible values.

Looklookseesee’s primary focus is to create a comprehensive platform that allows users from all spectrum to engage in businesses that fit their branding.

Develop Supply Chain Branding

Our plan

Since inception, we have been expanding our supplier database. We want to cover as many product providers from around the world as possible to enable buyers to consider all options available. If you would like to be listed for free, please contact us.

In the next stage, we plan to actively align buyers with matching sellers. We want to promote suppliers who operate on proper causes and would also like to assist those who decide to improve their supply chain operation.

The ultimate goal is to automate the platform so that all parties can engage in business quickly and conveniently.